Why Use Trusts

The use of trusts in my investment business has allowed me to prosper in the ownership of real estate, notes, options, leases and other instruments. They have provided the privacy and safety and peace of mind to operate without fear of frivolous lawsuits, unhappy tenants, bureaucrats, salesman and other distractions.

I have seen thousands of investors, over 25+ years, developed the ability to form and operate their own trusts and enjoy the same benefits. The land trust has been in use since the 1890s and can be used in every state. The trust delivers more than 25 benefits, including avoiding probate, judgments cannot attach to the property, private sales price, and many more. We use it as a management tool, for partnering, for lending under the UCC, buying and selling in private and in other ways not possible without a trust. Deeds, trusts and other forms are in Word documents and easy to complete.

The personal property trust is a more recent development and when combined with the land trust a greater level of privacy, safety, and flexibility is attained. It can be used as trustee, a manager of an LLC and in other roles. It is the best device holding notes, vehicles, mobile homes and other items in privacy and safety.

The IRA Checkbook Control Trust is a hybrid of the above two trusts. Retirement funds can be moved from brokerage accounts to an independent IRA custodian and then invested in the IRA trust, which places the funds in your corner bank where you have access without the cost or delay of going through a custodian. In addition, all rent, note payments and other income is deposited in your bank, not with the custodian. These funds can be reinvested rapidly.

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