Creative Self-Directed IRA/401K Strategies

Here are some of the ways to get creative with your IRA investing…

Buy Realtor’s Commissions. Every time the Realtors get commission, they sell it today, instead of waiting for 45 days 40, 30 or 60 days for the full pay out.

Does H&R block pay your tax return early? Buy tax returns.

Buying notes or buying parcels of a note. Buy in installment sales. A note business is a good business.

Leases or you can sandwich lease a place, you can lease somebody’s place or an empty house or a condo and get a spread while you put your down payment from your IRA.

Buy somebody’s car or house for half the price and give you an option to buy it back for half the price.

There’s a couple of more things that people do.

First time home buyer credit.

How about your tradesman, you have your AC guys, roofer guys that you deal with? You deal with some contractors who do your stuff? Do you think they have some receivables? That they are paying on you? Do you think they might get four $4,000 receivables for $3,000? And they have lean right typically on the property? It’s a way to secure you.

In order to implement these techniques you will need proven documents and procedures.

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