IRA Custodians

Following is a list of IRA custodians. There are probably more and you can search the Internet for others. With the trust approach that we use, location is not important since you only deal with the custodian rarely. Since they do not get involved with individual investments, there should be only one annual fee.

It is important to send your proposed trust, completed and approved by you before you open an account and fund it. If they object and want attorney letters, major changes or other restrictions, just choose another custodian. I deal with many people that use various custodians. I have personal experience with Entrust and Equity Trust and know that they operate with our trust, as do some other custodians. I am told that some are not in favor of the trust approach because they want to hold your funds. Most custodians do not pay any interest.


uDirect IRA Services, LLC
Kaaren Hall
714 460-5505
Orange County, CA

IRA Resources, Inc
858 459-1212
La Jolla, CA

Advanta IRA Services
Scott Maurer
800 425-0653
Largo, FL

Cama Plan
Carl Fischer
866 559-4430
Blue Bell, PA

Jason DeBono
877 259-3256
Lake Mary, FL

Mountain West IRA Services
John Gallane
866 377-3311
Boise, ID

Entrust Administration, Inc
800 392-9653
Offices nationwide

Quest IRA Inc.
Quincy Long
855 386-4727
Houston, TX

IRA Services
650 593-2221
San Carlos, CA


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