Getting Your Self-Directed IRA/401K Working For You

Many believe that they can’t accelerate their earnings on their IRA to more than 1.1%.

But there are ways that people will not be able go through your stuff, they will not be able to figure out what you are up to. It’s all legal, it’s all okay, IRS and stuff like that and my attorney and the attorneys I deal with are straight arrow guys. They are not sporty. They are not doing anything would affect their license or anything else. These are all standard business practices that could be used in a combinations of ways to protect your stuff and keep it private, safely in dealing in personal property.

So those things I find with a great benefit to my REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS, improved their performance. The things that most excited about for a lot of friends in that is getting IRA money working harder for you through a variety of LOANS, OPTIONS and things. It opens a different world for you when you contracting to sell a piece of personal property instead of real estate and the rules kind of change.

Question, if you finance the beneficial interest , financially it’s the same.

The tax treatment is the same, as if it’s a car note or mobile home note, let’s think about that, a mobile home is almost like a house, except its finance on a UCC basis and you file a UCC1 in the court house in a UCC3 is the release. So this forms, they are all common in fact that uniform commercial code is more common to all 50 states than the Deed of Trust Laws versus The Mortgage Laws in all 50 states there’s a lot of mortgages, deeds and Trusts. UCC is almost straight away the same coast to coast. But the big firms and companies deals in all 50 states, they don’t wanna be dealing with 50 different sets of Laws. It’s the same on the tax, if you do it on installment sale you pay tax, as it is in installment sales.

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