About Jack Shea

Jack Shea

Jack Shea grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois where he received a BS degree in Engineering.  He spent seven years as an Air Force pilot flying four-engine transports and ten years in Marketing flight simulators and avionics products.

Jack moved to Florida in 1978, and began investing in real estate.  He is a licensed Realtor.  He has concentrated on buying and selling single-family homes and notes.  Jack operates a 1031 exchange business as well as conducts classes on the details of tax-free sales and purchases.  He also has written a book on Options and teaches seminars nationwide on Trusts, Options, Exchanges, IRAs and Note investing.  He has developed several unique strategies using trusts, options, exchanges and a hybrid IRA Checkbook Control Trust that can hold real estate, notes and other personal property.

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